Social Media Trends 2014 – Social Media Predictions – Video and Infographic

Well, here it is…social media trends 2014 and predictions 2014.

Will  there be more? Yes!  Who knows what social network will pop up.

Did I include ALL social networks and break down each piece?  NO.  I looked at the market and what has been growing and where the trends will continue.

This is just a simplified summary.


It is time to ask yourself these questions about your marketing plan.
  • What pieces of your marketing gave your business the most success?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What would you like to improve?
  • What would you like to add or change in 2014?

As it says, these are predictions.  These are based on what has happened in 2013 and where the growth is going.

Kimmy and I discuss these trends in this video.

Below is the full infographic – Social Media Trends & Predictions of 2014.

social media trends 2014


Social Media Trends & Predictions of 2014 (above infographic written out)

#1: Social Media is not an Option

  • Businesses must integrate social media into their marketing plan.  It will be expected and will hinder sales if they don’t.

#2: Mobile Growth

  • Need a Website that works on both desktop and mobile
  • Forbes predicts that by 2017 Mobile Sales will grow by 87%

#3: Google+ needs to be integrated into your Social Media Efforts

  • It’s Google…of course!
  • Google+ Local is merged with Google Places
  • Google Authorship is merged with the Google+ Page
  • Google+ Hangouts are merged with Youtube

#4: Images will be used more and more across the internet

  • Pinterest and Instagram will continue to grow
  • Images will continue to be the top content to grab people’s attention on all social networks

#5: Video

  • SEO Benefits of Youtube (Google owns Youtube)
  • Google+ Hangouts will grow in use due to the simplification of creating videos with it
  • Vine and Instagram videos simplify video creation

#6: Podcasts will continue to grow

  • Easy to listen to them
  • Easy to multi-task while listening to podcasts

Take a good look at this information and make sure you incorporate all or most of these in your 2014 marketing plan.

Cheers to 2014!


Author: Janet E Johnson

Janet E Johnson has 13+ years of experience in internet marketing and social media. She consults and trains small and large business owners and has developed a number of online social media training programs. Programs include Social Media for Orthos and FB Contests Made Simple. Janet has been featured in CNN, Entrepreneur, Social Media Today and multiple other top sites. She has a Google Hangout / Podcast show, Social Media Hangout Time that teaches business owners to find unique ways to stand out in the crowded social media world.

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