Social Media Agency

Is your company having difficulty keeping up with the constant-changing world of social media? Our social media agency, Janet E Johnson LLC, offers full service management, as well as partial management, plus training, working with your team.

We currently work with clients in the area of Facebook and Instagram marketing and advertising, Pinterest management, YouTube management, strategy and video marketing.  

We pride ourselves on working with big brands as well as small business owners. We currently work with jewelers, eCommerce and coaches. 

We specialize in creating a strategy and online lead generation funnel to guide the potential customer from brand awareness to an actual conversion to leads and sales. 


5 Key Specialties in our Social Media Agency

  1. Facebook and Instagram Advertising – Learn More Here
  2. Facebook and Instagram Content Management
  3. Pinterest Management – Learn More Here
  4. Social Media Strategy, Optimization and Branding
  5. Video Marketing


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Jewelry Client Case Study:

Connoisseurs Social Media 

Typical Growth of a Pinterest account management from our team:

Pinterest – Strategy, Software, consistent posting, graphic ideas, contest

Sept 2015 MONTHLY: Impressions: 8,760, Repins: 30

GROWTH: Feb 2017 MONTHLY: Impressions: 2.7 million, Repins: 17,730

Clicks to Website from Pinterest in Feb 2017: 7,020


More Management Case Studies: 


Strategy, consistent posting, engagement ideas, graphic ideas, video concepts, ad management, contests

Sept 2015 MONTHLY: Reach: 15,900 Engagement: 2,405

GROWTH: Sept 2016 MONTHLY: Reach: 435,742 Engagement: 37,378


Deck Company: Customer Testimonial video

$600 ad spend on Facebook: 55,000 views, corporate noticed video and now deck featured in TV commercial photo shoot, retargeted viewers with special offer, 30 offers were redeemed – Approximate profit on 30 offers = $30K+

$600 Facebook Ad Spend = $30K+ Profit


Janet and her team pride themselves on continuous education in the industry. She learns and trains others, which makes her even better at helping clients.


Mortgage Officer Case Study:

Facebook Lead Ad Generation – Currently getting leads every day at a very low ad spend.

Closed a $300K home through a Facebook ad within the first 2 weeks of advertising on Facebook!