Importance of Social Networks in Ecommerce – Infographic

Importance of Social Networks in Ecommerce – Infographic

I have and still work with a number of Ecommerce clients. Social Media has become the forefront of their traffic that drives sales to their store. 

Social networks have changed the way that we do things. There was once a time when, if someone fell, people would rush over to help. Now it’s more of a mad dash to capture it on your cell so that you can share it with all and sundry.

Hopefully, the person who fell gets the help that she needs, eventually.

This passion for sharing everything that we do or see can pay dividends for your business, though. Did you know, for example, that 87% of shoppers say that social media helps them make their buying decision?

Or that more than a third of even the lightest users of social media will look for information about a product or service on social media.

What does this mean to the e-commerce business owner? The old sales tricks of simply offering a voucher or discount and trying to compete with prices on eBay, are no longer going to be effective.

You need to have a social media presence and be active. You need to find out which sites your target market spends most of their time on, and make sure that you set up a business page.

Having the page is only the start, though. You need to put in some effort.

Start by setting up a regular posting schedule. Find content that might interest your audience, or have some made up for you. Pictures and infographics do well. Written content will also do well, as long as it has pictures accompanying the text and it is between 1500 to 2000 words in length.

The right videos could also do extremely well on your social media pages. Work out what your audience is looking for and provide it for them. The more they like what you share, the more likely they are to share it themselves and so grow your number of followers for you.


Full Credit for this detailed infographic goes to:


As outlined in the infographic below, major social media platforms are becoming more commercial, while eCommerce platforms are becoming more social, and the social commerce trend is gaining in popularity with each passing day.


Here’s a breakdown of the infographic below:

  • Timeline of Social Commerce
  • Importance of Social Commerce
  • Total Social Commerce Revenue
  • Percentage of Social Commerce Revenue
  • Social Shoppers Spending
  • Average Order Value
  • Features that constitute Social Commerce
  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Geography
  • Sales by Platform
  • Top E-Retailers / ECommerce Stores
  • Social Media Adoption of Top Brands
  • Which Industries Benefit most from Social Media?
  • Top Selling Products on Social Media
  • Famous Brands and their Social Footprint
  • Instagram’s Most Followed Luxury Brands
  • Instagram’s Most Followed Brands
  • Types of Content posted by Brands on Facebook
  • Users Behaviors
  • Social Media for Holiday Shopping
  • How Social Media influences Holiday Shopping
  • How Social Media users connect with Brands in the U.S.



As you can see this infographic by, brands and eCommerce stores are relying much more heavily on social media for their leads and sales. All the social media sites offer their own specialty. There is a huge importance of social networks in ECommerce!

There is a ton of detail in this graphic, so take what you learn and see how it can apply 

Facebook plays a big role in the pay to play. Instagram gets lots of brand awareness and engagement. Pinterest drives a lot of traffic. They all have a higher viewership during the holidays. 

Has your eCommerce store embraced social media yet? Which platforms do you see the best results from? Which ones will you focus on in 2018? 

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Janet Johnson

Janet E Johnson has numerous years in online marketing. She started her online career selling products on eBay in 1998. In her career, she has worked with both large brands and smaller businesses. Janet is the creator of the online social media training course, Social Strategies 101, hosts a podcast, Business Growth Time, and has been featured on Social Media Today, CNN, Entrepreneur, Smartbrief, and NISM.