How is Video Performing on LinkedIn?

How is Video Performing on LinkedIn?

In our latest podcast episode, Terry breaks down recent tests on videos that he has uploaded to LinkedIn.

Now, pay attention, at this time of this recording, video on LinkedIn had only been available a few weeks. Platforms tend to give it prevalence to other types of posts in the beginning, but it does eventual not get the ‘new’ type of performance. 

How is Video Performing on LinkedIn

Listen to learn the breakdown of Terry’s LinkedIn video experience and test it out for yourself!

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05:02 -Stats, what the videos were and how they came out

  • In Terry’s word..”It doesn’t matter how great your content is, if they’re wrong people have seen it.”

The four C’s

  • Content, Community, Connections, and Conversion

06:44 – Terry uploaded a video to LinkedIn

  • He tagged it TBT which is a hashtag and they are not normally used on LinkedIn
  • This video was recorded on 2011 called “How to grab their attention.”
  • Honestly, the video itself had a lot of good content
  • It was recorded on his flip phone, it’s that old
  • It has four good ideas on how to connect with people
  • He’s had 124 views in 24 hours, which isn’t bad for the quality of the video

You can use these four ideas whether you’re connecting online or in person.

08:02 –  The downside of this video

  • There was something about the authenticity at the moment of setting the camera up and having it face the table, there was no camera option for facing a different just had to hope you got in the screen
  • It has received as of this podcast recording, 127 views of the video
  • Some audience members who have viewed the video are the people who have the title salesperson, CEO and executive director, there are nine people from a Telecom
  • The biggest audiences in Detroit and then Columbus, Ohio is the second
  • Summary: Video is great for reach on LinkedIn

09:46 – Stats of the video-where to find them

  • You can go in right there to the right view of it where it’s in your profile under your activities you can look at the video
  • Click on that to open up, once you click it, it opens it up and it tells you the market, the titles of people and the companies that they’re from and whether they are first degree network or second degree.

So, you can see how much reach the video has!

11:53 – Video 2

So, this video is about what networking events are? They’re not sales events and it’s titled “If it’s the 28th of the month or the last three days of the quarter and you haven’t hit your quota yet, networking events are not for you, here’s why.”

  • This was done on September 29th
  • This video has 17 likes and 2 comments and again it was done a week ago
  • Video analytics: of this  17 likes and 2 comments were 1,115 views so and most of the views came from his first-degree connections
  • Biggest audiences was in Detroit, second-biggest of Chicago, followed immediately by New York

14:24 – The first video

  • The  first video was on posted September 23rd called “Quick tips on business card etiquette at networking events.”
  • Got 6,465  organic video views
  • 156 people had the salesperson title, 96 people were CEO, 50 people were business corporate strategists
  • The biggest area is Detroit, second-biggest area Minneapolis, Saint Paul
  • They have 24 likes and 5 comments

17:39 – Janet’s on a viral post

  • A hundred likes, a lot of comments on her recent photo shoot

19:24 – Past podcast episodes & their stats

20:33 – Terry’s post on Ted X and just text

It was posted 3 days ago

  • 2,468 video views
  • There’s nothing even to grab the readers other than the words
  • It was super relevant, it was super relatable, it had a lot of detail and it was about something people really care about
  • Got 8 comments, and 10 likes some of those comments included tags of other people

22:24 – LinkedIn video platform

  • Facebook Live is more casual, chit-chat, authentic
  • LinkedIn is more prim, proper, professional ..or should it be…maybe be yourself and keep it professional
  • What the subject is, does matter obviously, makes a difference on talking about Pinterest on LinkedIn
  • Janet says that video is going to be worth testing
  • As, these platforms launch video or launch something new, they do give it more power to start having people want to use it
  • Since video is so new on LinkedIn, they’re probably giving it more power


…And if you are a B2B business, absolutely take advantage of it!

28:33 -Important piece of advice from  Janet’s and Terry’s

  • If you have a video over on Facebook put it over on YouTube, put it on LinkedIn, get it out there!
  • Repurpose that content or reuse that content that is good and that will resonate with the audience

So, how is video performing on LinkedIn? We think pretty dang well!


(This podcast was previously posted on Business Growth Time)

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