Favorite Social Media Management Tools

Favorite Social Media Management Tools – These 5 favorite social media management tools all work in their own unique way. My suggestion is to test and look for the features you need. I personally use Sprout Social daily and highly recommend. I don’t use Hootsuite as much as I used to, but do suggest it for some of my clients.

This infographic comes from G2Crowd to provide a really helpful infographic on the top 5 Rated Social Media Management Tools.

The results come from detailed customer reviews from business software review platform, G2Crowd. The infographic covers a variety of information including user satisfaction, product direction, how easy it is to learn to use the platform, level of support, usability and more.

In this article, findings will be discussed as well as introducing the tools and alternative tools.

So, here are the top rated favorite social media management tools (or best).

The Favorite Social Media Management Tools Infographic brought to you by Seriously Social and G2 Crowd


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These are the results of many interviewed of the 5 Favorite social media management tools. I have a few favorites not listed here.

1 – Post Planner – They are awesome for finding cool content and posting to Facebook and Twitter. You can find cool content based on hashtags on Twitter and share to out to your social networks. Love this tool!

2 – Tailwind for Pinterest management – must if you are using Pinterest to drive traffic to your business.

3 – Likeable Local for niche social media management done for you. This IS truly social media management. You can get niche content created for you and posted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. I am a partner of theirs, so if you’d like a demo, just contact me.


Which ones are your favorites?

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