Facebook Page Growth Case Study using Facebook Live

Here is my Facebook Page growth case study using Facebook Live

I didn’t grab hold of using Facebook Live immediately because, to be honest, talking to the camera and being a ‘talking head’ thrown into people’s news feed didn’t really thrill me. I knew it was kind of important and I should probably embrace it, but I held off a bit.



Then, one Thursday, just before I was about to record our podcast, Business Growth Time, I thought I would test it out. I was makeup ready and all…so why not? There had also been some really big Facebook changes, so I knew I had something to talk about. That’s a really important part.


When doing the Facebook Live, you must have content that will

a) resonate with your audience

b) add value

c) have makeup on. 😉 Oh, wait…that would be my rule.


Where did I do this first Facebook Live from? My profile or my business page? My Business Page! You can go live and share to your profile or a group, but get the ‘Facebook Live Juice’ on your Page. I did not announce ahead of time, so had no viewers. If you do announce ahead, you are more likely to get more viewers, which will create additional engagement.

Here is the actual first Facebook Live we are discussing.

After this recording, I checked back a few hours later and was surprised to see how many organic views there were. I had shared it to my Facebook Group and a few others shared it too. It had hundreds of views. I thought, let’s give it a boost. I did target the audience to only business owners. You will want to make sure you set a specific target audience too when you boost or use ads manager.

This, in turn, became 5,553 views.


Now I saw the POWER of Facebook Live!!!

Then, I decided to do 1 per week after that on my business page. The others were not promoted, but still had hundreds of views.

Let’s break down the #’s.

JULY Ad Spend: $120 IMPRESSIONS: 57,598 ENGAGEMENT: 984

JUNE Ad Spend: $60 IMPRESSIONS: 14,181 ENGAGEMENT: 347

So, to be apples to apples, let’s double that to the same spend as July.


Here’s how the #’s would look, if I doubled the ad spend to make it even.

JUNE Ad Spend: $120 IMPRESSIONS: 28,362 ENGAGEMENT: 694

JULY Ad Spend: $120 IMPRESSIONS: 57,598 ENGAGEMENT: 984


I also want to note that I use a content calendar and schedule many posts. The amount and types of posts remained the same too. Only major change was the Live video.




As you can see by the #’s, with the SAME ad spend, I had double the impressions and about 1/3 more engagement. (Note: If I had more audience involvement on the actual live video, the engagement would be even higher)



This is cool alone, but what I learned on the LeadPage Blog is a where this gets really fun…and rewarding. I created a custom audience of viewers, which became 2,800 viewers who had watched my recent Facebook Live videos. To me…that’s pretty close to having 2,800 on an email list. Now I had the opportunity to get in front of a warm audience.

So, I ran a quick promotion to this audience and made 15 new sales!



  1. Start doing Facebook Lives on your Pages with content that will resonate with your audience. Set a schedule. Stick to it. Let your audience know when you will be live.
  2. Set up audiences of these viewers (learn how at https://www.leadpages.net/blog/facebook-live-audience-remarketing) and retarget an offer to them or convert them to your email list.

This provided a lot of numbers and detail, so be sure to read through it a couple times. The numbers here are actually very small numbers compared to what they could be. Think about if you had an ad spend of $1,000 vs 100? The results would then be 10x. There are variables, but this was a test I really wanted to share.

This Facebook Page growth case study using Facebook Live is just one example of the power of Facebook Live along with a bit of ads can do for you.

So be sure to…


If you are more a hands-on learner, I will be teaching this live in St. Paul, MN. It will be a 3-hour workshop format on using Facebook ads and Facebook LIVE. You can learn more about that by clicking on the image below.

Facebook Page Growth Case Study




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