Hit the Bullseye with Facebook Ads done the Right Way – Infographic

Hit the Bullseye with Facebook Ads done the Right Way


This is a visual of a dartboard analogy to show how a business can go from not getting any results on Facebook with your ads to getting results with Facebook ads done the right way.

I explain each part of the dartboard in detail below the infographic.


OFF THE BOARD – No Facebook Ads

Organic reach on Facebook has dropped to a mere 4% or less of your fans on your Page. An example of this, could be that you built up a fantastic following of 10,000 fans. Each post would then seen organically by 400 fans. Yes, there are techniques that can help engage your audience better, but this is an average. And, do you know if all 10,000 fans are really your true audience? 

When a business doesn’t pay for ads, you are fully counting on this organic reach and possibly not getting to your true, core, targeted audience. 

I have seen many pages sit stagnant because the page owner is not willing to pay for ads. Such a waste because there is a huge potential on Facebook to reach your audience, gain leads and make sales. But a business should really pay to play.


OUTSIDE RING – Boosted Posts, Minimal Targeting, Ad not tested, No Pixel

Boosted Posts. This is fairly common. A couple weeks ago, I spoke to 20 business owners interested in learning more about Facebook ads. I would say at least 1/2 of them were only using the boost on all their posts. It is fantastic they are spending money on Facebook, but they are also throwing money away too.

Boosted posts go to where Facebook decides, not where a business picks. So, it will go to mobile AND desktop, News Feed AND Sidebar and Instagram (default). You don’t have any control over this.

The audience has improved on boosts, which is great! It is just a business doesn’t have a lot of control on numerous things here. They will end up you throwing some money away by not hitting the right audience. I use this once in awhile for ‘brand awareness’ campaigns, but otherwise it is better to use the ads manager.


INNER RING – Using Ads Manager, Some Audience Targeting, Testing Ads, Possibly have Pixel Set

This is the next layer closer to the bullseye…the inside ring. This is the business owner using ads manager. They use audience targeting, maybe have set up a few audiences and potentially have set up a pixel.

Typically, this group is not using retargeting, not using pixel conversion and know enough to be getting a bit better results, hit more of their audience and waste less money. But, they are not truly knowing if their efforts are working or not.


BULLSEYE – Facebook Ads done the Right Way

Using Ads Manager (or Power Editor), Multiple Audiences, Pixels for Conversion Tracking, Retargeting in Place, Graphics, Videos & Copy Tested, Types of Ads Tested, Platforms Tested, Scaled


We all know what this is on the dartboard. It’s that little, middle circle! The goal is to get as many darts in this middle circle as possible.

This group of business owners have set up their pixel and are tracking actual conversions. They can see if the ad is truly working to convert someone to a lead or sale.

They are creating all sorts of custom audiences and setting up retargeting ads to get in front of email lists, traffic to their websites, fans on their page, video viewers and engaged fans.

They test videos vs images, multiple images, multiple copy, mobile vs desktop, Instagram vs Facebook, and so on. Then, they scale accordingly. 

The bullseye is where you want to be in order to hit your target audience, know your ad is truly working and make your ads cost-effective.


Where do I see most businesses?

I talk to a ton of business about their Facebook advertising. I see most on outer ring. I see very few on the inner ring and close to nobody on the bullseye, unless they have been trained by someone or have hired someone to help them.


How can you get to the BULLSEYE?

Most business owners I talk to don’t have the time or knowledge to learn how to get to the bullseye, but they could learn it themselves potentially.

Other business owners would rather just hire someone to help them. We offer this service. If you’d like to learn more about getting your Facebook ads set up and running properly, please set up a strategy call with us!


Are you struggling with your Facebook advertising? Or are you seeing great results? I’d love to hear your stories!

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Janet Johnson

Janet E Johnson has numerous years in online marketing. She started her online career selling products on eBay in 1998. In her career, she has worked with both large brands and smaller businesses. Janet is the creator of the online social media training course, Social Strategies 101, hosts a podcast, Business Growth Time, and has been featured on Social Media Today, CNN, Entrepreneur, Smartbrief, Inbound.org and NISM.