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This site will give you social media strategies and tips to help you with your social media efforts. Your business can benefit, whether you are a large company, small company or entrepreneur. There’s something for everyone.

You ran across my site because maybe you were looking for some guidance in social media or online marketing. I believe you have come to the right place!







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I have many, many years of experience with online marketing. I started online as a hobby by selling items on ebay and turned that into a full time business. Social Media came around and I realized what this could do for business owners. Back in 2007, I had success early on with Facebook for my husband’s business and decided other businesses could benefit from social media. This turned my career to helping local clients, then expanded into also consulting and managing national brands.

I help business owners grow their business with strategies from branding and optimization of their social media to specific ways to take the customer from a fan or connection to a sale. My services include training, consulting, speaking and management. I have also created 3 social media training courses: Social Strategies 101, FBContestsMadeSimple.com and SocialMediaforOrthos.com.

I also host a podcast show called: Business Growth Time. This teaches business owners specific strategies to grow their business both online and offline.

I not only run an agency that helps businesses with their social media efforts. I actually teach it. When you teach something, it forces you to truly be an expert. I also believe in training myself and my team. All of us stay up-to-date on a daily basis.


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We have worked with both large brands and smaller businesses. A few of our current and past clients are The Gold Guys (National Brand), Connoisseurs (National Brand), Assael Pearls (National Brand), Gerard Riveron (Paris Jewelry), Picchiotti (Italian Jewelry), Leske’s Jewelers (Australia), Bill Champlin (former member of the band, Chicago), Ultralox (Deck Railing – U.S).  

Over the years, we have worked with contractors, dentists, local businesses and numerous entrepreneurs.  We have a team of 4 and growing to help implement, share ideas, concepts, follow-through, graphics and more.